Clinton Hatred

Clinton rebounded this week...therefore as night follows day…the media must attack… but why does the media treat Hillary Clinton far more brutally than other candidates?

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The Dem. Nominee Will Be

Please note the wording of the poll. It’s not who you’d like to be the nominee – the poll is asking you for your prediction who the nominee will be. Please vote.

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Part of me is loath to say this, another part wants to say it very much – here it is: Hillary needs to watch Carly Fiorina’s debate performances and takes notes. Fiorina is a woman who looks, speaks and acts like she wants to be President. Since she got in last March, Clinton looks, speaks, and acts like a woman who feels annoyed by the process of running for President.

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Has anyone confirmed that Ted Cruz is not Satan? I’m pretty sure he’s Satan.

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Trump’s Skin

It’s starting to become very clear that Donald Trump is emotionally retarded. Something is truly wrong with the guy. I like his presence in the race and he’s certainly served a purpose. But his childish responses to the slightest of slights are idiotic…and sort of embarrassing. The man needs to thicken up the skin or..get out of the race

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Let’s Be Crystal Clear: KIM DAVIS = GEORGE WALLACE

I have no doubt WHATSOEVER that not only would Jesus issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples in Kentucky, Jesus would preside over the nuptuals as well if asked. This bigot in Kentucky,  Kim Davis, is not a “Christian” or a “Martyr” – she is… Continue reading

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Trump’s “I’m paying for this microphone. Mr. Green!” moment

hqdefaultOkay young ones: Many moons ago, before the dawn of the Internets and reality TV.  Before unintelligible, inscrutable games like Candy Crush Saga, Grand Theft Auto and Soccer.. before even The Simpsons… there was a man named Ronald Reagan. He was an actor who became a governor who became President. Like him or not his  presidency was consequential. He probably won the presidential race that year (1980)  on one cold, blustery night in New Hampshire. One moment that night made him the GOP front-runner and deflated George HW Bush, his chief rival  – and all he did as bark “I paid for this microphone, Mr. Green!” Please read about it here. It is very interesting, and perhaps pivotal to American history.

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