Midterm Tweet

And the funniest tweet about the midterms is…

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Annihilated. The End Of The Obama Era.

Being a natural born contrarian I’m always looking for the counter narrative that is being missed during an election cycle. Tonight it would be along the lines of “This how the GOP will over interpret their big win.”  But honestly there is no over interpretation to be had here. The Democrats were annihilated. The Senate switching hands wasn’t a big surprise, though certain races were… North Carolina…Virginia was shockingly close…the ease with which Grimes and Nunn were dispatched. The gubernatorial races were shocking. Democrats tanked nearly everywhere. Maryland, Illinois, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts. The only way to read this election is as a complete and nearly absolute repudiation of the  Obama era. The GOP ran against him in every race and won most of the races that mattered. New Hampshire being a minor exception. There is only one story here. No subtext. No subtle message. The GOP  won, and won big.

A note on California. The Democratic grip on California remains intact but the sense of two Californias – divided not by north and south, but east and west, will increasingly take hold. More and more, and without consciously trying, California acts like a separate country. In 2010 and 2014 the GOP electoral wave stopped cold at the California coastal counties from San Diego north to Oregon. A Chilean style sliver along the California Pacific seems to exist outside the arguments and drama of American political life.


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Politico Reports On President Whine-enstein.

Politico reports on President Whine-enstein. 

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Secret Sugar

John Oliver takes down the sugar industry:

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It’s Time

Obama : For God’s sake we need a travel ban from West Africa and a quarantine for 21 days of every American who comes back from the region.  We will have a panic if this doctor spread it to even one more person. Decisive action must be taken.

UPDATE: The story/timeline of who is quarantined and who is not makes no sense. 4 people the doctor came in contact with are under quarantine. 2 friends, his girlfriend and an Ubur car driver. All came in contact with him Wednesday. BUT we are told not to worry about everyone else…which included people in 2 bowling alleys and 2 subway trains. I promise you if the UBUR car driver is a concern then everyone on the subways ought to be too.  If you’ve been on a New York subway you know you are in closer contact with others than with a cab driver when riding in a cab. Why is the driver quarantined… if he was asymptomatic yesterday? Something does not add up.

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Oh MY, this is funny.

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Another Senator Obama?

Will the Obamas move to L.A. so Michelle can run for Feinstein’s seat when she retires?  I doubt it. They could well move to Rancho Mirage. Or Santa Barbara. L.A.? No.  Continue reading

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