Is There A Political Professional In The House?

I do not know if she is running in 2016…but…

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A Few Very Dumb Democrats…

A few very, very, very dumb Texas Democrats decide to help Rick Perry’s 2016 presidential campaign. Continue reading

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Child Sacrifice To Appease The Anti-Semitic Bigot Gods

Hmmm…gee… I wonder why the unbiased American Media missed this? I wonder why the OEPs (Obama era Progressives) aren’t up in arms about this? AT LEAST 160 children die digging tunnels..and the largely unconscious – (but in practical reality the result is evil )  hypocrites on the Obama Left say virtually nothing.

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Why?  I mean …I know why…really… money. The flatulent Whole Foods Progs have the most money…What gets me is the on-going mistaken impression that the “progressive” wing is needed for the Democratic nomination beyond money. They aren’t. In the 2016 nomination race she needs the voters she got in 2008 and black voters, which she’ll get. That’s it. Obama got the 08 nomination with the Whole Foods flatulents and the black vote….and still needed the entire media apparatus and some DNC nonsense to barely beat her.  I hope a Warren or a Dean do jump in. These annoying Dailykos dweebs need to be reminded that without the shiny bobble of race they are, in fact, 25% of voters. Tops.

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Taking my advice….

Nice to see Mrs. Clinton… Continue reading

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Try More Gum

At the end of the clip we have another iconic Robin Williams moment. Continue reading

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Obama: Fleeing from behind.

I am glad he’s taken some action against the ISIS monsters but Obama really does seem to be either lazy, a complete moron, or spends too much time with Berkeley douchebags who don’t live in the real world. And pretty much never have. Here’s what he said THIS YEAR about the people beheading Christians and who’ve taken over vast areas of Iraq.

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