Is New Hampshire Predictive? Is Sanders Actually A Hippie Jimmy Carter?

Is the Democratic New Hampshire primary predictive of the eventual nominee?

Below is a list of the Democratic NH primary winners followed by the Democratic party nominee that year – since 1952. I only include non-incumbent years. Obviously Obama won in 2012, B. Clinton won in 1996…Carter won in 1980…etc..incumbents are expected to win primaries and win big. And they almost always do.

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Not crazy about the color choice…However….there is Very Good Overview Of Bernie Sanders’ Bullshit HERE. #BerniesBullshit

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Toldyaso: Democratic donor contacts Biden allies about possible run

Democratic donor contacts Biden allies about possible run

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Toldyaso: Bernie Sanders’ 1963 Stay At A Stalinist Kibbutz.

This type of story needs more traction: Bernie Sanders’s 1963 stay at a Stalinist kibbutz. This is helpful to Clinton. WAPO, though unwilling to say….

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Why Didn’t She Learn This?

Many people in Hillary- Land seem convinced that after NH things shift to her turf and she will be rack up the wins and become the nominee with relative ease. This assumption is suspect.

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New Hampshire Prediction – Ya Know Ya Want It. Also a Note On The “Democratic Establishment” And Some Other Items.

First: Can we just freeking BOW DOWN TO LADY GAGA ( and her Hillary pant suit wink).


Now On to New Hampshire – here is what I predict will happen Tuesday night:  Continue reading

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One Headline, One Run-On Sentence.

WAPO: Clinton Wins Most Recent Debate, Knows NH Is Lost.  I really wonder how it is that Clinton finds herself in a position in which she must spend time and money defeating an ancient, foolish  piece of mid 20th Century silliness in the form of a creepy, grating Brooklyn nose hair factory as, I suspect, my true “lost career” is as a political hit man, I mean good Lord, early on I could have squished the Vermont mucus bag in a TV ad or two as he is essentially a no accomplishment, lying,  one trick pony  and A BIGOTED MORON from the all white enclave called Vermont  which in no way looks like the Democratic party and who does not even have the support of any other elected Democrats in his all white enclave but – like 2008 – Clinton  did not perceive the danger and/or is – apparently – unwilling to incinerate her political opponents, which is odd since the media and her opponents are perfectly willing to incinerate her….it is now time for her to look past NH and  ensure no surprises in Nevada and lock down South Carolina.

Also here is one my favorite love songs  because… Valentine’s Day…Have a Good Weekend!

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