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Clinton Hatred

Clinton rebounded this week…therefore as night follows day…the media must attack… but why does the media treat Hillary Clinton far more brutally than other candidates?

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The Dem. Nominee Will Be

Please note the wording of the poll. It’s not who you’d like to be the nominee – the poll is asking you for your prediction who the nominee will be. Please vote.

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Part of me is loath to say this, another part wants to say it very much – here it is: Hillary needs to watch Carly Fiorina’s debate performances and takes notes. Fiorina is a woman who looks, speaks and acts … Continue reading

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Has anyone confirmed that Ted Cruz is not Satan? I’m pretty sure he’s Satan.

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Trump’s Skin

It’s starting to become very clear that Donald Trump is emotionally retarded. Something is truly wrong with the guy. I like his presence in the race and he’s certainly served a purpose. But his childish responses to the slightest of … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Crystal Clear: KIM DAVIS = GEORGE WALLACE

I have no doubt WHATSOEVER that not only would Jesus issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples in Kentucky, Jesus would preside over the nuptuals as well if asked. This bigot in Kentucky, ┬áKim Davis, is not a “Christian” or a … Continue reading

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DEMOCRATIC BITCH HUNT IS ON! WH and WAPO Go All In- SUPPORT Old White Guy With History of Groping To Stop Woman From Winning Top Job.

Let me start here in case you don’t read further: If you are a Clinton partisan it is now clear that the only way to stop the coming coronation of Joe Biden is to rip his reputation to shreds. Find … Continue reading

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