Recommendation: Watch the Bill O’Reilly interview with Leon Panetta.  Panetta, a Democratic stalwart and Obama Admin vet, essentially destroyed Barack Obama. It makes him visibly uncomfortable to tell the truth about Obama. But he does.

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Buffett Picks

Buffett says  Clinton will win in 2016. 

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Hillary Gets Smart

Hillary Gets Smart -this is smart politics. It plays to her strengths. It reflects where the nation will be in late 2016 (she needs to add ‘renewal and robust American strength ‘ after she gets past the “progressive” ninnies in Iowa). And it does what needs to be done subtly: Slam the mistake Obama and the hope and change lie.

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More Work Place Violence

It will be interesting to see how the MSM massages this to downplay the religious angle..Call it work place violence? Which, I suppose, it is.

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Community Organizer Grows A Pair

Community organizer grows a pair. 

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The First JSPresidentialPoll

I’ve structured the list below like a college football poll. See this for an example. Depending on how the “game” is played as the “season” progresses presidential contenders will rise and fall…until the “playoffs” which start in early 2016. The first JSPresidentialpoll is after the page break. I lay out the top ten from 10 to the person who I believe is most likely to be the next President. “Other receiving votes” are those who I feel are worth mentioning but, essentially, are just outside real contention for the White House. At this point all are GOPs.  This could change. A few notes on these bottom 5:

Other receiving votes: Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul.


I’ve a hunch Scott Walker will make the top ten if he wins re-election, a prospect I now suspect is questionable. He may lose reelection.  Cruz is too far right to be taken seriously at this point, if there is a sea change in the national attitude he’ll rise. Until then he’s Goldwater in 1964, not Reagan in 1980. Rubio needs to recover from his immigration flop to get through the primaries. Paul’s 2016 hopes are being executed by ISIS as I type. Martinez is VEEP material and probably wouldn’t even think of running.

Brief remarks follow the top ten.

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