Toxic Psychotic Assholes

My theme today is Assholes….and I’m not even going to mention Trump – potentially America’s first 100% asshole POTUS. Trump is an asshole coming and going. Nope I’m talking about these assholes….. Continue reading

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What Is This About?

Hmmmm. What is THIS about?

The plot thickens.

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Real Iowa Predictions

All my silly predictions aside – this is my real prediction for the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses in 1 week.  Continue reading

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Obama…almost…Endorses Clinton

Hard to read THIS as anything but an indirect endorsement of Clinton….and a kindly please move along now…to that old Vermont guy who is running in the Democratic nominating contests though he is not a Democrat.

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Three Recent Endorsements

Clinton’s three recent endorsements point up why I actually do not think this election on the Democratic side is even really worth contesting at all (though I suppose they must for the sake of cable news ratings and to keep Morning Joe misogynists employed. ). One wonders how much more qualified Mrs. Clinton has to be to get the job? I can honestly say – and I’m a student of this stuff – I can think of no modern POTUS except maybe Ike  with more practical experience running something as massive as the Executive branch. Does that mean she will be a successful President? Nope. We’ll see about that later. But there is no other serious contender on either side that can rival her qualifications. I can see why O’Malley wanted to make the run. He was a governor, he’s telegenic , he has an ego. He also seems to have failed both Baltimore and then Maryland. What Bernie Sanders is doing is far Continue reading

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Meth Addicted Ferrets

Oh MY….

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Here’s a prediction for tonight’s debate….

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