The New York Crackers Versus The St. Louis Darkies Versus The Washington Redskins

Change the damn name already.

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Children As Props

Hi my name is NP and I’m really exited to be working with the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce to screw, then utterly destroy the U.S. working and middle classes!!! Most especially we’re going to destroy the black working class!!! As a bonus (and because I’m amoral and have no soul!!!) we’ll be using children as props!!! Children!!! Isn’t that genius!!!?!!And remember if you question my motives for any reason you are a child hating racist!!! Now let’s get out there and DESTROY A NATION! YIPPEEE!!!  (In the mean time if you need me I’ll be at the Whole Foods in my very white gated community looking down on the rabble and nibbling on kale chips.)



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I honestly do not understand how or why Hillary Clinton keeps making unforced errors. Continue reading

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Neel Kashkari Could Defeat Jerry Brown

Neel Kashkari could defeat Jerry Brown in California if….

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I Think I Just Coined “R.I.C.”

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Ryan Rips Smug IRS Asshole

No matter what you think about Paul Ryan’s politics he kicked some ass today. In a sane democracy this  smug piece of bureaucratic shit would get a kick in the face and a tar and feathering. Wow. These people are covering something up. I suspect it is something big.

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Weekend Links

Horror!Gays Preparing To Slaughter Christians!!!!!

For More End Times News click here. 

Cool: Ontario elects Commonwealth’s first openly gay person.

More links after the jump…also this week’s pic of Bob Barker which you won’t want to miss!

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