DEMOCRATIC BITCH HUNT IS ON! WH and WAPO Go All In- SUPPORT Old White Guy With History of Groping To Stop Woman From Winning Top Job.

Let me start here in case you don’t read further: If you are a Clinton partisan it is now clear that the only way to stop the coming coronation of Joe Biden is to rip his reputation to shreds. Find a scandal. Any scandal. And pummel.

Here’s a wonderful clip of  Uncle Joe after some hooch to get you warmed up: 

I mean it. The signals are everywhere and like 2008 ONLY a disqualifying story about Biden will stop it. And ONLY non “liberal” media types can force the story to be told. Clinton partisans are going to have to “Go Rove” to win. OR – they could also suck it up, nurse some well practiced resentments  and watch Clinton be slowly and painfully dismissed. Again.

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Trump Meet Shark

I realize it is tumblr_nq5gawyhCe1rasfs9o1_500dangerous game to say that Trump is Done. I’m on record as “not hating him”,  however there is a fine line between being a refreshing PC bashing, post modern Archie Bunker… and being an asshole.  Yesterday, Trump lilted over into total asshole and quite possibly jumped the shark. He seems to have no self control. What is the point of insulting Megan Kelly AGAIN? It’s just mean and stupid. In reality she is quite good at her job. I’ve liked Trump in this race but here he is just being a dick. Oddly this, along with this, may be the moment things start returning to normal on the GOP side.

WAIT -HOLD THE PHONE, did I speak too soon? Look at this Trump beat down.. it’s obnoxious as Ramos would never have been called on and no doubt had to yell out and keep yelling…but Trump exhibits what is so appealing to so many. His signature TCA: total command assholery. He’s a muppet version of Mussolini…and that guy got an entire nation to buy his act for decades.

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Good News Monday/Amazing Americans

Holy Collapse Batman, Dow Down 1000 to start the day… so let’s ignore that have a Good News Monday: Let’s hear it for these 3 Amazing Americans.  Yep- reading this over the weekend did make me tear up and swell with pride.


Remember that no matter what – Good stuff is happening everywhere, all the time.

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Caitlyn Jenner Annoys Me And 2 Other Things I Think But Don’t Say Out Loud.

  1. I do not hate Donald Trump. Continue reading
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Please take our IMPORTANT POLL.

Here at John W Smart dot net we know how important it is for youth take polls. So please take our Important Poll. Please choose your top five. The top five finalists will move on to the next round, which will be held here. And Milwaukee. And maybe Sherman Oaks.

BTW: I realize I made an error in the first sentence above. It should read “we know how important it is for you to take polls”.  But I like the error, so I am leaving it.

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Midterm Tweet

And the funniest tweet about the midterms is…

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Secret Sugar

John Oliver takes down the sugar industry:

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