Joe Biden, The Most Powerful Person In America?

I’m not entirely convinced the GOP has a headlock on the midterm. It would not be surprising if they won big next month. The party of a President 6 years in does tend to lose big. 1966 was a big GOP year. Nixon got run out of town in his 6th year. Reagan’s team lost the Senate in 1986. W got spanked in 2006. Clinton is the exception – but Obama is no Bubba. History suggests a big night for the GOP come the midterms.
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If We Just Scream “Benghazi!” Loud Enough, We Win

If we just scream “Benghazi!”  loud enough, we win – Continue reading

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The Appointment Of Ron Klain As Ebola Czar

At least the admin is upfront about how they view Ebola: “What we were looking for was not an Ebola expert, but rather; an implementation expert, and that’s exactly what Ron Klain is.”…that is the White House tweet on the appointment of Ron Klain to be “Ebola Czar”.  It’s creepy if you think about it. The people in charge feel free to admit that the person they put in charge of containing Ebola knows nothing about Ebola. This is an endgame result of “progressives” (not liberals, mind you, “progressives”.) being in charge for too long. They honestly and very sincerely believe they know better about all things..and us wee folk need to be calm and follow them.

I find it hard to believe there is not a single talented physician or nurse administrator in this nation that could not have been tapped. This whole thing reeks of a last minute “Hey, get that guy, he’s smart” moment.

I do hope Klain does a good job. Given the track record of the last “person who knew better” (she was in charge of HHS) I’m not optimistic. Fingers crossed? Yes. Expectations: Low. I mean, I could have does a better job with the Obamacare website rollout with 50 grand and a laptop… at a Days Inn with free wifi…a little bit high…in my boxers…

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Stop Telling People Not To Worry When…

Stop Telling people not to worry when it seems clear that the response from those who should know better is completely inept. See this and this. 

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Another Case In Dallas

Another case.

More coming? 

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American In American Hospital Wearing Full Protective Gear Becomes Infected With Ebola

Scared yet? People in our government are either buffoons and don’t know what the hell they are doing, or lying to us about how Ebola spreads. A hospital worker in Dallas is now ill:  The worker became infected despite wearing full protective gear while treating Duncan, who later died from the diseaseMuch of the Ebola story does not add up..people in protective gear get infected, people who live with sick Ebola victims are fine so far, in Newark it takes two hours to “clear” a person who puked on a plane, in Frisco Texas it takes 2 days for the same result with a first responder.  Taking temperatures at airports is considered a good line of defense as if Advil wasn’t an available to lower one’s temp long enough to get across the ocean. Meanwhile a travel ban is considered foolish, except British Airways and Air France already stopped flying to much of West Africa.


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Who Is The Worst 2 Term President?

The current President is not the worst one we’ve had. Not by a long shot. We’ve had far worse Presidents.  Continue reading

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