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Obama…almost…Endorses Clinton

Hard to read THIS as anything but an indirect endorsement of Clinton….and a kindly please move along now…to that old Vermont guy who is running in the Democratic nominating contests though he is not a Democrat.

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Who Is The Worst 2 Term President?

The current President is not the worst one we’ve had. Not by a long shot. We’ve had far worse Presidents. 

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Recommendation: Watch the Bill O’Reilly interview with Leon Panetta.  Panetta, a Democratic stalwart and Obama Admin vet, essentially destroyed Barack Obama. It makes him visibly uncomfortable to tell the truth about Obama. But he does.

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Buffett Picks

Buffett says  Clinton will win in 2016. 

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Hillary Gets Smart

Hillary Gets Smart -this is smart politics. It plays to her strengths. It reflects where the nation will be in late 2016 (she needs to add ‘renewal and robust American strength ‘ after she gets past the “progressive” ninnies in Iowa). … Continue reading

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Community Organizer Grows A Pair

Community organizer grows a pair. 

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President Asshole

I mean WHO DOES THIS? An asshole of epic scale, that’s who.

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